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Jol Alholo


Choreographer / Dancer / Actor


 Dancer in Harake Dance Company, Berlin 
 since 2017 




   Dancer in Hadra Hura - Dance performance

 Premiered in 2017 in Uferstudios, Berlin.

 2018 in the 10th Arab Theatre Festival, Tunis

 2018 in Uferstudios, Berlin

 to be shown again in February 2019 in Uferstudios, Berlin


 Dancer in Opium - Dance performance

 Will be premiered in October 2018 in Uferstudios, Berlin


 Dancer in Vlucht - Dance film 

 Will be premiered in Cinedans Festival on the 18th of March in Amsterdam.


 Choreographer and Dancer in Plus Minus Minus - Dance performance



 A member of the Syrian artists' syndicate as a dancer and actor in  



 Worked as an assistant teacher in the higher institute of dramatic arts in the field of theater movement acting from 

 2013 - 2014


 A member of Inana folklore theater dancing band as a dancer and actor.

 2002 - 2010


 participated with Inana band in all of their international theater festivals within the middle east, Russia, China, Ukraine.



 participated in many of the cinematographic acting activities with Inana band... like cilina movie as an actor and dancer.


 participated with the Syrian director Muhammad Abdulaziz as an actor in the movie theater: harayk albanafsaj.


 worked with many Syrian dancing bands such as sima band as a dancer.


 worked as a dance theater designer with Aram band.

 2010 - 2013


 worked in the Syrian media channel ( moonlight ) as a marionette music program presenter for children about sollweg teaching.


 participated in the Syrian national theater in many theatres plays like Hamlett and Klaket and so many others as an actor.


 participated in many workshops during my educational period in the higher institute like Philip janteh sonographic workshop in the Syrian opera theater in Damascus.



 as well as international workshop participants such as Amsterdam summer dance intensive.


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